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    Our Veterinary Services

The desexing of your pet is something that is strongly encouraged at SGAH. This is a procedure which is best performed prior to your pet reaching its sexual maturity and is normally done around six months of age.

For all species the procedure is a day stay, whereby you drop your pet off between 8 and 9am ( starved from 9pm the night before) and can generally return to pick them up after 3pm in the afternoon.

Both castration and spaying are operations that the vets at SGAH have extensive experience in performing. All animals are supported during their general anaesthetic by intravenous fluids, have intradermal (under the skin) sutures placed, to help stop them being chewed out, and are provided with take home pain relief.

We also offer keyhole (laparoscopic) desexing for female dogs and cats.  This procedure is minimally invasive and allows for fast recovery and reduced pain for your pet.

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